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Houston Texans Claim One Offensive Lineman
Off Waivers Womens Nick Martin Jersey , Release Another With training camp still a month away, the Texans are officially in the dog days of summer. This allows them to tweak the roster in preparation for the upcoming season. Yesterday, the Texans claimed second-year OT Roderick Johnson off of waivers and released OT Kendall Calhoun from the roster. At 6’7” and 300 lbs, Johnson has the ideal frame for a left tackle in the NFL. Last year Authentic J.J. Watt Jersey , he was drafted in the fifth round by the Browns, just thirty picks after the Texans selected Julie’n Davenport.The two-time All-ACC left tackle immediately became expendable when the Browns signed Greg Robinson in the post-Joe Thomas era. Johnson’s availability was a fortuitous occurrence for the Texans, as their offensive line depth and talent are the team’s biggest weakness. With Jeff Allen on the PUP list and Martinas Rankin recovering from a foot injury, Johnson could immediately find himself vying for a roster spot to start the season. John McClain took to Twitter to express his sentiment on the move:Although I have twice voice my opinions that the the Texans should have taken Johnson over Julie’n Davenport (here and here) Authentic Johnathan Joseph Jersey , it looks like the Texans and I can agree that having both massive men on the roster is a good thing. Now I get to see if my draft analysis was correct and whether playing D-I or D-II football makes a difference in developing offensive tackles. A knee injury did cost Roderick Johnson his rookie season, but hopefully the talented lineman can bounce back and provide the Texas with some much needed depth.Even though he’s considered a developmental prospect, Johnson has a unique opportunity to go from cut by the Browns to contributing for the Texans. Quite a miraculous change of fortune, if you ask me. Give this kid a playbook and see what he can do. What do you think of the move? Do you think Roderick Johnson has a chance to compete for a roster spot?Sunday Night Football Live: Ravens vs. Steelers Since Ii’m writing this several days ahead of time http://www.houstontexansteamonline.com/benardrick-mckinney-jersey , I have no idea if Le’Veon Bell has chosen to report to the Steelers just yet. Bell is an immensely talented football player at a position that often times has a heavy impact on the outcome of any particular game just because of how many times a running back can touch the ball over the course of a game. The problem is the running back position has a shorter NFL shelf life that many other positions, and a long-term investment into anyone playing that position has become seen as a risk too great for many. The simple mathematics of the situation are that the Steelers feel that they can succeed without Bell, so the notion of paying him isn’t really that appealing.With that aside done, let’s talk about the fact that the Steelers are going up against their AFC North rivals http://www.houstontexansteamonline.com/ka_imi-fairbairn-jersey , the Ravens, tonight. Joe Flacco may throw some interceptions. Lamar Jackson might make an appearance as anything but a QB.T.J. Watt is hopefully going to do some dope things.Whatever happens, you can enjoy it alongside your BRB cohorts in the comments below.
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